Travel Pursuit

Travel Pursuit, a dynamic travel trade media platform, sought to enhance their digital presence and streamline their communication strategies. They partnered with Zacapa to build a comprehensive website and manage their HubSpot integration, ensuring seamless daily operations and engagement with their audience.


Travel Pursuit


Travel Trade Media

Services Provided

Full Site Build, HubSpot Management, Content Development, Database Management, Branding



Travel Pursuit faced several challenges in managing their digital and communication efforts:

  • Agile Platform Creation: They needed a platform that could quickly service their clients and adapt to changing needs.
  • HubSpot Integration: Required integration with HubSpot to centralise their subscriber base and streamline communications.
  • Multi-Approach Content Strategy: Needed to develop a content strategy that was diverse and engaging, avoiding repetitive content.


Zacapa developed a robust solution for Travel Pursuit, leveraging our expertise in HubSpot integration and innovative digital solutions. Our approach included:

  1. Full Site Build::
    • Developed a comprehensive website that integrates seamlessly with their existing systems.
    • Features included the latest news articles, guides, resources, and social media posts.
    • Ensured a user-friendly and agile design to enhance the user experience and adapt to client needs quickly.
  2. HubSpot Management:
    • Provided full HubSpot management, including daily email campaigns and database management.
    • Implemented real-time analytics to provide valuable insights and improve decision-making.
    • Centralised the subscriber base to streamline communications and improve efficiency.
  3. Content Development and Management:
    • Developed a multi-approach content strategy to keep the audience engaged with diverse and fresh content.
    • Created daily news articles, guides, window cards, and social media posts tailored to the needs and interests of their audience.
    • Managed resources efficiently to keep the platform up-to-date and engaging.
  4. Branding:
    • Provided comprehensive branding services to ensure a cohesive and professional look across all platforms.
    • Developed a strong brand identity that resonated with their audience and enhanced their market presence.


The implementation of the Travel Pursuit solutions resulted in:


Increased Engagement:

Personalised communications led to higher engagement rates among their audience.

Operational Efficiency:

Centralised resources and streamlined operations improved overall efficiency.

Enhanced Insights:

Real-time analytics provided valuable insights, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Better Content Strategy:

The multi-approach content strategy resulted in more engaging and diverse content.

Improved Agility:

The agile platform allowed Travel Pursuit to service their clients quickly and adapt to changing needs. Conclusion Travel Pursuit’s collaboration with Zacapa transformed their digital presence and communication strategies, setting new standards for excellence in the travel trade media industry.


The innovative solutions not only streamlined operations but also fostered stronger relationships with their audience, driving growth and engagement.

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