Travelsphere Trade Hub

Travelsphere, a renowned travel brand and a leading escorted tour specialist, sought to improve their trade agent engagement and streamline their communication strategies. To achieve this, Travelsphere partnered with Zacapa to design, develop and implement a comprehensive Trade Hub which seamlessly integrates with their existing systems.




Trade Hub



Travelsphere faced several challenges in managing their trade agent communications:

  • No centralised resources: Resources were scattered across various platforms, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Lack of dynamic communications: Communications were static and not tailored to individual agents’ needs.
  • No segmentation of agent partners: There was no segmentation of their agent partners, resulting in generic communication.
  • Limited visibility: They lacked visibility of how each partner engaged with them, making it difficult to tailor strategies effectively.


Zacapa developed a comprehensive Trade Hub for Travelsphere, utilising our expertise in HubSpot integration and innovative digital solutions. Our approach included:

  1. Custom Trade Hub Development:
    • Built a comprehensive Trade Hub using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a low barrier to entry.
    • Features include the latest campaigns, window cards, offers, tour information, resources, social media posts, and competitions.
    • Provided fully managed logins integrated with HubSpot, ensuring secure and efficient access.
    • Included a dedicated section for the latest industry news and downloadable resources for agents.
  2. Enhanced Communication and Engagement:
    • Developed personalised and engaging communication strategies utilising HubSpot’s advanced tools.
    • Implemented real-time analytics to provide valuable insights and improve decision-making.
    • Delivered data-driven results that increased agent engagement.
  3. Segmentation and Visibility:
    • Introduced segmentation of agent partners to tailor communications more effectively.
    • Offered visibility into how each partner interacted with the content, enabling more strategic follow-ups and support.


The development and implementation of the Travelsphere Trade Hub resulted in:

Increased Engagement:

Tailored communications resulted in increased engagement rates amongst trade agents.

Operational Efficiency:

Centralising resources and the streamlining of operations improved overall efficiency.

Enhanced Insights:

Real-time analytics provided valuable insights, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Better Segmentation:

Tailored communications based on agent segmentation improved relevance and impact.

Improved Visibility:

Improved visibility into partner engagement allowed for more targeted support and strategy adjustments.


Travelsphere’s partnership with Zacapa transformed their trade agent communications, establishing new benchmarks for excellence within the travel industry. The innovative Trade Hub not only streamlined operations but also fostered stronger relationships with trade partners, consequently driving growth and engagement.

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